Xenforo Custom XF Footer - Default Styling 3.0

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    Install the addon via uploading the /library/ folder

    Install the .xml file via the addon system.

    It will create two templates and a property style menu. It does not affect the default XF footer in any other way.

    I have shifted the default XF colors, etc, out of the @property attributes to minimise issues with colouring, though you could put them back within them in the footer_custom.css template and control them uniquely from the new style property tab created.

    It uses the hook system, so you can turn it on / off per style.


    Choose upgrade from the previous version and upload the .xml over the prior version.

    Revision History

    V3 - Fixed bug with links inheriting default footer block styling.
    V2 - Added option to enable / disable per style back into footer_custom template.
    V1 - Upgraded manual template installation to hook system.

    This will install on any XF version where the footer template contains the "footer" hook.


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