Senior .NET( Salary Up to $ 1,200)

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    - Take part in software projects from UK & USA customers

    - Communicate and report directly with customer by English via email, conference call.

    - Perform other tasks assigned by the Project Manager & Chief Technical Manager

    - Detail will be discussed in the interview

    Skill and Qualifications required:

    - At least 2 years of experience in .Net development

    - Strong in using C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server…

    - Good understanding at software development processes

    - Willingness to learn new technologies both by training and self-learning

    - Capable of working in a team and under high pressure.

    - Capable of English writing/reading skills. Proficient in English is a plus.

    Benefitsand General information:

    - Attractive salary, based on skills and experience.

    - Salary: Up to $ 1,000

    - Have opportunities to communicate and work directlywith UK and USA Customers

    - Have opportunities to work in Europe (2- 6 months following to each project)

    - Vacation days, social assurance and medical assurance according to the Labor Law

    - Working time: 5days/ week (From Monday – Friday)

    To apply:

    - Please send your CV ( including experience and projects you did) to this

    - Applications are processed on first come first serve basis and only short-listed

    candidates will be notified.

    For information, please contact with Ms Dung through address:


    Address: Room 2206A, 102 Thai Thinh, Dong Da district, Hanoi

    Tel: 0466542283


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