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    TMA is the leading software outsourcing company in Vietnam with 1700 engineers. With more than 17 years of experience in providing software services for many world leading companies. We have built a strong technical and management team that can handle large and complex projects. Our people were selected from top Universities in Vietnam and overseas, and 40% of them have overseas experience.

    Why Join Us?

    As one of the leading IT companies in Vietnam, we value our people and always want to support our staff with all the best conditions that we can. Here come some of the featured benefits, if you want to learn more about what we are offering, let's join us today!
    - Many training opportunities in Vietnam and Oversea (230+ courses in TMA Training Center and 40% have overseas experience)
    - Competitive benefit package (bonus, total health insurance, loan fund, team building fund ...)
    - Friendly environment, open culture and many outdoor activities

    Trainer (Full-time or Part-time)

    Job Description:

    - Duties:
    o Conduct Training Need Analysis
    o Make and implement training plan for assigned domain
    o Build course curriculum and course material
    o Conduct training course
    o Perform training effectiveness for course improvement
    o Keep up with technology trend to propose appropriate training program
    o Work with other departments to propose appropriate training program
    o Guide and mentor trainees
    - Work location:

    TMA Tower, Quang Trung Software City, District 12, HCMC

    Required skills/Experience:

    - Education required: At least Bachelor’ s degree
    - Requirements:
    o Excellent teaching skill
    o Strong knowledge in Advance Java and Advance .NET
    o Good communication, presentation and problem solving skills
    o Fluent in written and spoken English
    o Ability to work under high pressure and manage multi tasks
    o Active, creative and self-motivation
    o Can conduct course in English

    Years of experiences: At least 3 years

    · Working in an international, dynamic, and professional environment with many opportunities to develop career.
    · Opportunities to be trained and to work oversea.
    · A stable and rewarding position where your long-term commitment will be highly valued.
    · International Health Insurance.
    · Competitive salary.

    *****CV includes:
    · Resume (English).
    · Diploma (Copy).
    · Transcript (Copy).

    Let send your CV today in both email addresses:
    tlmquyen@tma.com.vn & recruit@tma.com.vn

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