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    Hồng Hương Thành viên BQT

    How do you spend your summer vacation?

    As a student, I don’t have much free time beside those I love, so my summer vacation is the duration during which I often busy myself with many things at home all day. In the day time,
    I often do sundry things for my grandmother and help my parents to do housework. In the evening, I go out with some of my old friends.

    We often chat with each other in a cafe. Usually, when I am free from doing housework, I go and visit close relatives in my neighborhood and ask them about their life and business. In the late evening, I watch films on TV or read novels or books to widen my understanding. I often
    go to bed very late.

    In my mind, I always want my short summer vacations to be not only comfortable for me but also useful for my beloved people.
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