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  1. Hồng Hương

    Hồng Hương Thành viên BQT

    How is computer useful for your work or your study?
    Computer currently helps me much in my study.

    First of all, it helps me format my lessons effectively. I often type my lessons on the computer and format them to make them attractive to eyes so that I may learn them by heart quickly and review them conveniently.

    Next, computer helps me keep my materials safely for future use. Today, beside the hard drive, I often bring my USB’s with me and use them to save all what I want at any time and place.

    Moreover, I often updatemy materials on the screen. This enables me to create clear and tidy versions of materials and save up much time for other activities. On the other hand, computer is the most helpful friend helping me learn information and knowledge on the internet.

    Thanks to computer, I often access the internet and learn many things. Computer has made my understanding better day by day and become indispensable for my study.

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