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    My village
    My home village is now different from the village in my father's story. in his story, my village is very poor.

    Everyone live a hard life that time. People lack of food, of money. Now, it is different. People don't live a hard life anymore. They have enough food, enough money, everyone got a house, and many more things. The only things that doesn't change is sentiment. Everyone always be very happy. They live together, help each other when they need, that is a luxury.

    That makes my village a wonderful place for everyone. People are just farmer, but they solidarity in the face of penury. And when they have money in their hands, they still solidarity they are friendly with others, they are helpful, they are good people. That's about people.
    Landscape is still like the old days. That river, that mountain. Nature is harmony with people. People live with nature, people product things of nature, and nature always open-handed with people, give them resource for them to build their house. That is what people seek, and they live with it very well.

    That's all I can say about my home village, in my opinion, my village is a wonderful place. War does not determine who is right, only who is left:" Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country"
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    Hau Giang is my hometown, where I was born and raised. Hau Giang in my beloved country, it has many river and paddy ways, people here very friendly and hospitable. When tourists they will smile and wave to everyone: Hello! have a nice day. Hau Giang has many fruit orchards for many delicous as aranges, tangerins, mangoes,... because it's Mekong Delta, a lush alluvial soil.
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    Viết về quê hương Bắc giang bằng tiếng anh

    I come from BG city.It's about 60km Nost West of HN.Has population about 54,000 people.About 60% of them are famous.The other 40% are service people.business people and housewives.BG has 5 Districts : LG,HH,LN,YD,YT and 1 central district.I live in the central dictrict also called BG.BG has one river and 3 lakes.The river is called Thương lake.One lake is called "the love" lake because many couples go there.The other lake has many restaurants and the third lake is near my high shool.BG is famous for its Đa cakes in the Kế St and Đa Mai's Noodles.We also have delicious fruit is Lục Ngạn's Litchi.BG is very peaceful compared to Hà Nội and the air is much clearer than Hà Nội city.We also dont have any traffic problems.

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