Đoạn văn nói về thuận lợi và khó khăn của việc xem tivi viết bằng tiếng anh

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    Everything is two-faced like the two faces of a coin, and so is watching TV. Watching TV has advantages.

    First, it widens our knowledge. Information on TV is diverse, letting the viewers know upto-date news from all fields of life such as news about politics, socioeconomy, scientific- chnology, etc…

    Second, TV serves us as a means of relaxation. Films, plays, music shows on TV are vailable all day. We can enjoy these programs at home whenever we like.

    Third, it is a good friend helping us kill time. Whenever we feel bored or do not know what to do. Simply turn on your TV set and you will surely feel OK soon. On the other hand, watching TV also has some disadvantages. Bad contents such as violent films, sexual exposures on the screen, and other sensitive topics may dangerously affect children. In addition, Watching TV too much or regularly also takes us much time and badly affects our health, especially our eyes.

    Finally, we have to pay some extra money for electricity consumption, too. In short, watching TV, which may be good or bad, depends on the way we use TV to serve our life.
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    Thêm đoạn văn miêu tả bằng TIếng Anh viết về lợi ích của tivi
    đoạn văn tiếng Anh về lợi ích và tác hại của tivi?

    What would you do after a hard day at school and you want to entertaining. It simple, just turn on your TV. Music channel, comedy channel or cartoon channel... is your choice, just pick a channel. And not only entertaining, TV can also help you update the news from all over the world in the end of the day. When you bore you can go anywhere you like: Paris, New York, London just pick travel channel. As you can see TV have many advantages but you still can deny it have a disadvantage. Now you have about 30 channel with you favorite program and you don't want to miss. And you end up spend all day long to watch TV, and you forget to do other thing. Like hang out with your friend, sea everything with your own eye, or just forget to focus study for the exam. You can control your life, you are the boss, so you should find the best way to rise your TV, so it only have advantages.
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    * Advantage of tv

    - is a huge source of information, knowledge and entertainment
    - there are plenty of chanel with different topics
    - It provides every kind of information and entertainment: films, science programs, cartoon
    - you can watch the newest information from all the world, it helps you to be up to date
    - watching television can be also great way to spend a free time
    -there are some really interesting programs about for example our hobbies
    - it can by also good way to spend evening

    * Disadvantages

    - people spend to much time watching stupid programs and shows
    - the whole families watches television eating dinner, spending their free time in this way instead of going to the park, to the lake, for a trip.
    - young children are watching full of brutality cartoons and movies. They spend whole day sitting in front of screen

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