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    Overall Description
    • The telecommunication test engineer provides the role of system administration as well as end-user for an Unified Communication and Collaboration System for Enterprise/Carrie Grade VoIP network which integrates voice, data, video, messaging, conferencing, mobility and a rich list of applications for wireless, wire line and cable endpoints


    • Build up, operate and maintain the VoIP telecommunication lab according to the reference configuration published by production and as per customer mostly-used deployment models
    • Analyze new features of telecommunication system and customer business cases to develop test strategy, write solution test plans and test cases that meets end-users expectation
    • Execute the test scenarios according to the test cases. Report test results and file defects with complete system logs and traces. Retest fixed defects
    • Interact closely with development team, Global lab support and customer from other sites to solve technical issue and support root cause analysis for the reported defects
    • Ensure technical documentation is developed up to professional standard
    • Contributing to the product quality review and milestone review meetings
    • Ensure excellent quality through your testing capabilities and complete tasks on required deadlines

    Required skills

    • Bachelor holder of Computer Science, Electronic/Telecommunication, Information Management System, Mathematic or equivalence
    • Strong background/ Knowledgeable in
    o Network: OSI, TCP/IP, DHCP, Active Directory, Microsoft server products
    o Telecom: SIP/H.323, signaling, E.164 numbering plan, call-flow and modules of GSM/LTE networks
    • Good at OS (Windows, Linux, Mac)
    • Have programming skills with C/C++, Java, TCL, Perl, Python is a plus
    • CCNA, CCNP is a plus
    • Able to work independently or work as member in team
    • Possess excellent technical investigation skill and can-do attitude
    • Good at English at both oral and written. Minimum requirements is able to search, read English technical documents and use English emails for working communication

    Let's send your RESUME to email address: if you are intersted in this position.

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