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  1. Hồng Hương

    Hồng Hương Thành viên BQT

    How do you like to travel in your daily life? What are advantages and disadvantages of traveling this way?

    Bicycle is the best friend in my student life. I always ride my bike to go to school or around Long Xuyen City. Riding a bicycle has some advantages.

    First, bicycles are easy to repair. When it is damaged, you can repair it yourself or have it epaired with low cost.

    Next, you don’t have to pay for gasoline because bicycles don’t need gasoline. Moreover, riding a bike helps you do body exercises and does not cause environmental pollution. On the other hand, using bicycles also have some disadvantages. You can’t ride it to work over long distances. You can’t ride it as quickly as a motorbike in emergency cases. You also can’t take a rest on it when you are tired because bicycles move with your own strength.

    However, no matter what strong points and weak points does a bicycle have, I lways consider it my favorite means of traveling.

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