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  1. Hồng Hương

    Hồng Hương Thành viên BQT

    Do you like to live in the city or in the countryside? Why?

    I like living in the countryside because of some reasons.
    Environmentally speaking, it is a peaceful place. The air is fresh. The space is quiet. We can enjoy healthy natural conditions without
    worrying much about environmental pollution.

    As for social security,
    the countryside is a safer place than a city. While urban security situation is always complicated with all kinds of crimes, rural areas are much more secure because most of countrymen are friendly and ready to help one another.

    Moreover, rural life is also easier that in cities. People in cities are easy to get stressed because of pollution, job pressures, competitions, etc ... On the contrary, those bad things

    are very rare in the countryside. To sum up, except income matters, the countryside is a better residence than cities.
  2. tkt057

    tkt057 Moderator

    Mình xin chỉ dẫn thêm 1 số đoạn văn bằng tiếng anh nói về bạn thích sống ở đâu nà:
    As for me, living in the city or countryside has its own benefits. As for me, I prefer living in the countryside.
    Firstly, the countryside is more peaceful, we can always relax and feel comfortable.
    Secondly, the atmosphere in the countryside is quite fresh, there're so many beautiful view such as forest, mountains, rivers,.. so many people usually go to the countryside each weekends to relax after hard-working days. Moreover, people here are very friendly and hospitable. All are welcomed visiting there. They live on agriculture and breeding cattle as well as poultry. So the food there are always fresh and tasty.
    Living in the conutryside is very peaceful and heathy.
    If I was asked where I would like to live, peaceful and happy life in the country will always my


    Tiếp theo nè

    Living in urban or rural nothing has its own interests. Separate myself but I like living in more rural.
    First, life is peaceful, rural than in urban life. It makes people feel relaxed and comfortable.
    Second, rural, air is fresh and here there are many beautiful scenes such as forests, hills, rivers and lakes ... That is why on weekends people often return to the countryside to stay relax and rest after the days work fatigue. Not only the rural people are very friendly and hospitable. They always welcome people to the profession where day.Ho living farming or raising livestock and poultry. So food in rural areas are very clean and fresh.
    Finally, life in the countryside is peaceful and healthy every man.
    If someone asks where I live is my choice is still rural, peaceful and happy.

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